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3-axis Vertical CNC Machining Center

Streamlined, effective, and functional

Minimalist and industrial design.

This functional approach delivers consistent and proficient performance efficiency.

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bc11b cnc machining center

BC11 Series

Vertical Machining Center

biyoun BH17 cnc machine

BH17 Series

Gantry Machining Center

bg97 biyoun

BG97 Series

Gantry Machining Center

Feature 1

Large diameter ball screw

Large size and large diameter can provide sufficient stability and the accuracy will not change for a long time.

Feature 2


Lightweight construction and stability head with suitable overhang ratio

Feature 3

Laser inspection

Ensure all axes’ precision and stability before using.

Feature 4

Tempered glass
&2.5mm sheets

Clearly watch the processing and protect operators.

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