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What is a ball screw in CNC machine?

What is a ball screw? According to THK definition: The Ball Screw is a high-efficiency method of converting rotary motion to linear motion by using a recirculating ball mechanism between the screw shaft and the nut. Compared with a conventional sliding screw, the ball screw requires driving torque of one-third or less, making it ideal […]

Dry machining VS. Wet machining

When it comes to machining, there are two dominant methods that we often talk about dry machining and wet machining. These methodologies determine the manner in which cutting operations are conducted and how the cutting tool interacts with the workpiece. Delving into the specifics of both techniques can provide us with a better understanding of […]

Vertical Machining Center vs. Horizontal Machining Center

When it comes to precision machining, people are always comparing two types of machine tools: the Vertical Machining Center (VMC) and the Horizontal Machining Center (HMC). These machines offer a unique set of capabilities and advantages. In this article, we will explore a journey to understand and discover the main differences between these two types […]

Unveiling the Magic of Vertical CNC Machining Centers

Hey there, my fellow manufacturing aficionados! Ready to embark on a thrilling journey into the universe of vertical CNC machining centers? Well, fasten your seatbelts and we’re about to explore what makes these machines the rockstars of different machine types, and why they’ve got everyone in the manufacturing world buzzing with excitement. What’s the Deal […]

What is a CNC machining center?

Definition A CNC machining center is a type of automated machine tool that is a Computerized Numerically Controlled Milling Machine. It is designed to perform various operations, such as milling, drilling, and tapping. It consists of an automatic tool-changing mechanism that enables it to use multiple cutting tools when doing the machining process. Main Components […]

Some tips about roller linear guides

What is a linear guide(way)? According to THK, a linear guide is a machine element that utilizes bearings, which is developed for rotary motion, in order to move heavy objects easily in a straight line. It is referred to as a “recirculating linear ball bearing” by ISO and JIS, and “linear guideway” by the Japan […]

Gray cast iron – material of CNC machining centers‘ bodies

Normally, a CNC machining center is made of cast iron bodies, a controller, a spindle, a servo, and other components. The main structure consists of the five cast icon bodies – Base, column, head, table, and saddle. The CNC machining center is assembled by bodies that connect basic assemblies and mechanisms into a whole structure. […]

Scraping process for the CNC machines

scraping process

Brief introduction about hand scraping. What is hand scraping? To make the metal surface incredibly flat, we use a manual process method called scraping to make a metal’s surface rally flat. The scarping removes small metal chips or scrapes from the surface which can provide an oil-retaining texture to mated surfaces within a machine tool. […]

Straightness measurement of guideways

biyoun laser testing process

The importance of straightness measurement of guideways. The precision of a CNC machine is influenced by the accuracy of the servo drives and the measuring system, however geometrical accuracy, particularly by guideways’ straightness is also vitally important. Longer guideways can cause lower rigidity compared with short ones. If the straightness deviation is large or not […]

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