Today is an exciting day. Our first machine is launched on the market with the new look.

After thousands of modification, research and tests, a small stage of our machine journey was finally completed right now.

Here we recommend our brand new type of high precision machine – BC11A: a vertical CNC machining center with a new look and performance!

Now, let us get a glimpse of the machine.

It has the following performance and characteristics:

  • 1, Stable and wide base
  • 2, High rigidity, high seismic double wall column
  • 3, Saddle, worktable and headstock with high rigidity and lightweight box structure
  • 4, Diameter 50 screw (x/y/z)
  • 5, High stable thermal elongation, high precision, low vibration, 15000rpm, HSK-A63 direct spindle

For more details, please refer to the BC11 product page or contact us [email protected] for PDF files.

We would like to make all the efforts to lighten up the way of the CNC machine industry together with all of you.