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Main Features

1. Made of Meehanite casting with good rigidity, high stability and ensures mechanical precision:
2. Closed outer cover, external circulation cutting oil processing method, equipped with slag collection box to ensure clean and tidy processing site;

3. Integrated control cabinet, computer and control box integrated operation, convenient and fast:

4, X, Y, and Z axes adopt high-precision linear guide rails, which have large load-bearing capacity and high positioning accuracy for rapid displacement;

5, x, Y, and Z axes are equipped with fully closed-loop high-precision grating scales (0.005 u):
6. High-precision ball screw, high transmission precision, can ensure small mechanical error for a long time;
7. High-precision coupling, no slip at high speed and high torque:
8. Adopt high-precision, high-sensitivity automatic tool setting instrument to ensure processing accuracy;

9. The independent lubrication system design of the bed ensures that the moving parts are durable;
10. High-performance motion control system, stable operation, and high precision;
11. High-power, high-speed spindle, good sealing performance, waterproof mist;

12. Equipped with special oil cooler, fully sealed. Dust and other sundries cannot enter the cooling circulation system, which is durable;

13. All accessories are processed by high-precision grinding, with high precision and no deformation:
14. The control cabinet adopts a fully sealed device, completely isolated from dust and water vapor. The computer system and circuit parts are kept dry and dust-free, durable:

15. The software is compatible with MaterCAM, Pro-E, UG, Jingdiao and other design software, is easy to operate,Wide range of applications.



**The above specilications are subjiect to change without prior notice, no Fiability for mistakes. Machines may be shown with optional equipment.**

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