Brief introduction about hand scraping.

What is hand scraping?

To make the metal surface incredibly flat, we use a manual process method called scraping to make a metal’s surface rally flat. The scarping removes small metal chips or scrapes from the surface which can provide an oil-retaining texture to mated surfaces within a machine tool. You can see here the the scraping tool below – a flat scraper.

The significance of scraping for CNC machines

Despite the fast development of grinding processes or alternative technical solutions, scraping is still in use in the CNC machine industry due to the surface properties of the workpiece.

Here are some reasons why hand scraping is still used.

  • Accuracy – Scraping can align the two components’ surfaces within millionths of an inch so that we can get consistently held and tight tolerances.
  • Really Flatness – Contact points are created to prevent rocking and allow for real flatness or true flatness.
  • Oil pockets – Scraping allow for the creation of oil pockets that hold oil on the surfaces between the components.
  • Long lifespan – The scarping surfaces can enhance the stability of the machines which can have a longer lifespan.

Scraping in our factory

Also, hand scraping increases labor costs, we still believe that the accuracy of the machine created by hand scraping is more accurate than other methods. Thus, we have skilled, well-trained and patient hand-scraping machine builders for every single machine meticulously performed.

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