The importance of straightness measurement of guideways.

The precision of a CNC machine is influenced by the accuracy of the servo drives and the measuring system, however geometrical accuracy, particularly by guideways’ straightness is also vitally important.

Longer guideways can cause lower rigidity compared with short ones. If the straightness deviation is large or not stable, the accuracy of a CNC machine will not meet the user’s needs.

Methods for straightness measurement.

There are several tools that can be used to do the straightness measurement. The classical tools use straightness lineal made from black granite and parallel gauges. But these are less accurate and not convenient for testing.

Usually, we use modern devices called laser which is more accurate, and faster. Also, the laser is able to measure the straightness at longer distances.

The straightness measurement in our factory

To ensure the accuracy of the CNC machine, we have to conduct the straightness measurement during the assembling of our BH17 whose guideways have a length of 3,160 mm. The method of a laser tool is very easy to learn even for a green hand. The data of straightness are also easily recorded in the hard disk for each set of CNC machines and available to be checked in future use when there may be some straightness problems.

During the production of BH17 CNC machines, the straightness measurement of guideways has to be required for each set. The straightness requirements have to be adjusted to the best then we can do the rest of the assembling. Otherwise, the quality inspector can not pass this process.

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